Tale of two Cities

By Brouhaha on January 17, 2018 in projects

Youth unemployment is one of the most significant challenges within the European Union. Having a large unemployed youth population immediately affects different social and economic fields. The neighbourhoods we are focusing on (the Nieuw West of Amsterdam and Toxteth in Liverpool) are multi cultural areas within each city, with multiple social and economical challenges. Both cities have large numbers of young people who are not participating in employment, education or training activities.

Our main objective is to research and evidence several case studies to develop new, sustainable method in ‘soft skill learning’ with the aim of contributing structurally to the employability of disadvantaged youth, whilst having a structural impact on the chances of vulnerable young people within the labor market.

With this project we want to encourage youth to acquire a set of skills like self esteem, communication skills, self reflection, and collaboration skills. We intend to use creative tools to develop these soft skills amongst youth. The final result we be that they will get into employment easier, or become self employed.

This project started in December of 2017 and will run till January 2019. We will see artists from Liverpool travelling to Amsterdam and artists from Amsterdam travelling back to Liverpool for workshops and collaborations.


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