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By Brouhaha on June 5, 2017 in News

We are excited to announce the arrival of our two new ILM Programme Employees Levi & Monique.  

momo n lele


Art Engagement Officer

I started my dance training at the tender age of two at Liverpool Theatre School. Where I then continued through the Academy and then went on to further my training as a full time student. During this time I worked hard to gain numerous dance qualifications and also appeared in many amateur and professional shows and Pantomimes and I am quite proficient doing ‘Skin Work’ as well as being in numerous ‘Companies’ as a junior and senior dancer. I also have done “ASM” (Assistant Stage Manager) for quite a few of the pantomimes and was the Stage Manager for ‘Ticket to Write Festival’


Since leaving college I have danced in many music videos, fashion and hair shows. I also had the opportunity to work with the ‘BBC’s World Networking Event’ at Liverpool Echo Arena and have worked with many local, national and international celebrities’.  

I got a great and exciting opportunity to be a dancer for Brouhaha International for their project ‘Hair’ in 2015, heading my own small team of dancers. We got to travel with them to Edinburgh, Amsterdam and South Africa. Learning and working with a variety of artists’ and dancers from around the country and the world to form a collaborative piece.

 I am very unique in my style of Hip Hop/Street, Popping ‘n’ Locking, Freestyle and Commercial also Tap, Ballet and Musical Theatre. I have taught around various schools, venues and for a wide variety of community projects. And have had the pleasure and delight of seeing my choreography come to life.

Levi Fearon

Communications Officer

 IMG_20170604_142930279_TOPThis is my first week at Brouhaha, and so far iv enjoyed every minute. As a musician myself, working for Brou has got me working closely with so much talent, local, national and internationally. My role as communications officer puts me in direct contact with so many people all over the world, and as stressful as that may sound, it is far from it.

Carnival culture is in my blood, as a ‘yout’ I used to climb on the floats along ‘the Ave’ (Princess Avenue) and dance my socks off, and fortunately nothing changed.

About me?..  Not much to say really… I’m was born and raised in Liverpool , with a Caribbean background. I’m a Poet, Writer, Rapper, Producer & DJ. I enjoy many of aspects of visible, verbal and physical art. I was not named after the jeans, please don’t ask.

When asked if I needed work, and told there is a job at Brouhaha, I was ready to start immediately. No regrets, looking forward to the rest of the year.


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