Nigerian Carnival Ireland 2017

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Yesterday we returned home after a week in Dublin, for the Nigerian Carnival Ireland. Which was for me, personally, one of the most exciting, joyous, moving, heart warming, yet it was also nerve wracking and full of emotions. The focus and theme was that, “Our Diversity Shapes Our Creativity” and this was displayed through workshops and collaborations that where held throughout the week.

Through the countless ups and few downs we faced, we all come together and it turned out to be a spectacular event. The final showcase was put together in the space of two days with the brain work of individuals from every group involved, including the hosts Nigerian Carnival Ireland, Brouhaha, 3Points, KalentuRa, Bombrando & Enjoy.I am not a dancer, I just want to put that out there. In the two days we had to rehearse, I danced more then I have in my entire 26 years of existence. Never have I felt this level of excitement while at the same time being full of nerves, worrying about messing up the routine, which I did. But the show still goes on and we have to carry on.

Living closely with many people from many cultures from around the world, and being able to see how other people live and behave is what made the week more complete. At times it was a little uncomfortable and crowded, but it was an experience that I wouldn’t change for anything. We finished the week of with an International Dinner, where all the groups cooked for each other and shared a little piece of their culture.  When you share a kitchen, your are sharing a little piece of love and I feel everybody got a closer and closer as the week went on.

A big brouhaha thank you to Nigerian Carnival Queen Yemi and the NCI team for inviting us over to be a part of this years carnival. It has been an experience that I don’t think any of us who have taken part will ever forget.



E Dupe!

Levi Fearon


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