Carnival Saturday Take Over at the Granby!

By Brouhaha on August 7, 2018 in News, projects

Bringing the parade through Granby Street was a first for Brouhaha International this year, it meant going back to Toxteth, to the home of the West Indian community and giving back the heart of the carnival to the streets.

The late Lord Kitchener once sang “the road make to walk on carnival day” and this was a goal set out by Brouhaha International Director Ms. Uma Ramanathan, to quote Ms. Ramanathan “it was important to listen to the community as it is the heart of the carnival to carry on for the future!”

And by listening to the community the organization delivered! Besides greeting the onlookers and the residents of Toxteth with an array of kaleidoscopic costumes that decorated the streets like confetti from a birds eye view; spectators were also entertained by the euphoric and melodious sounds of drums that only added to the heightened excitement of the days’ activities.

Brouhaha partnered with drums groups across the globe to bring forth a musical vibe that can’t be rivalled any other festival that took place in the city, groups such as Kalentura Drums from the Netherlands
Bombrando from Portugal
Gwanaval from Martinique
And special mention to the community-based samba group Batala and the students of St.Nicholas and St.Francis respectively added none stop rhythm and vibe to the festival.

With an ever-growing global community, one can see it is very important to have a sense of interaction and global identity across all borders. Historically carnival is known for its street theatre and a time to showcase freedom, since the inception carnival in the U.K. was known for taking the streets for just one day and celebrating without having the authorities infiltrate the liberation of the people and by extension the community…

Carnival is a living ritual and reigniting the flames and taking the success of parading through Granby Street one can only wait with baited breath to see what Brouhaha International has up their sleeves for the City Of Liverpool carnival celebrations next year!

Written by
Jélae Stroude-Mitchell

Photos by:  Katherine Garcia

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