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By Brouhaha on March 6, 2017 in News

We’re pleased to announce our collaboration with the Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership Fund which enables our work with young people and teachers at The Academy of St. Francis of Assisi.

Our intention is to implement a school’s carnival arts learning programme that will inspire young people from backgrounds of less opportunity, who are least likely to work and be successful in cultural and creative industries and less likely to take an interest in the arts as part of the school’s curriculum.

We aim to inspire young people and teachers through the delivery of a high quality carnival arts learning programme that celebrates diversity positively, re-engages participants in the creative arts and allows for experimentation.

Our programme will be tested and delivered in secondary school context with young people from low income communities and from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds.

Our project Carnival Nation will see artists, teachers and young people engage in:

  • Carnival costume design and making workshops: Our craft, visual arts, design and costume making work will see professional artists engage with children and young people in the creation of new high quality costumes. Participants will then present their costume work at school celebrations prior to large-scale carnival events in Liverpool.
  • Dance workshops: These sessions will develop ensemble dance work and choreographies using many cultural and urban forms of dance that complement the costume based work as well as increase the number of children and young people participating in physical activity that promotes a healthy life-style.
  • Music workshops: A series of ensemble percussive music making sessions that engage young people who have not had access to music making activities before. The work created will be presented and performed within schools and carnival contexts.

As you can see, we’re busy making all the above possible and nothing makes us more happy than being able to provide opportunities and try to make some positive changes in our communities. Thank you for engaging with us!

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Photos: Asun Paterna


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