About Us

Our vision & mission

The Vision “To be a dynamic and innovative global arts organization’

Our Mission “To champion diversity and participation within the arts working in local, national and international contexts, whilst meeting the needs of artists, cultural operators and communities”

Brouhaha International is focused on celebrating diversity and widening participation within the arts. At home and abroad our arts engagement work has enabled us to promote and develop the idea that diversity is linked to creativity.

In the coming years we intend to strengthen our carnival and festival work, developing our organizations ability to deliver new and exciting cultural initiatives and arts projects.

Our future activities will continue to embrace and celebrate a diverse range of work with a commitment to the realization of performing arts projects in public spaces, on the streets, in park, in community venues and site specific outdoor locations. We strive to provide professional platforms and opportunities for artistic and cultural excellence and as we move forward to create great art, without losing sight of our purpose, vision and core values.





  • Carnival Arts
  • Arts engagement projects
  • Festival and community events
  • International work
  • Capacity Building Projects


  • Produced 22 international festivals and several large-scale outdoor projects that now boast an audience of up to 200,000.
  • Produced festivals and events Hungary, India, Turkey, Greece, Germany, France, Egypt, Martinique and Taiwan, with new project being develop for South Africa, Trinidad, Palestine and Netherlands.
  • Brought over 300 international companies to Liverpool
  • Hosted 15 trans-national training programmes funded through the British Council.
  • Co-ordinated over 70 international collaborations in the UK and aboard.
  • Provided opportunities for over 25,000 people to actively participate in street and combined arts.
  • Ten years experience of developing large-scale carnival work in the UK and abroad.
  • Successful managed multiple projects and budgets from local, national and international funders.


Festival events and community celebrations


Brouhaha International delivers an annual programme of events and community celebrations with its flagship international street festival, that brings people together from across our city, sub region, the North West, the UK and beyond. Each year local national and international street theatre performers, dancers, acrobats, musicians, stilt-walkers and carnival artists take part in collaborative performance projects and community activities that have a major impact on the flavour, quality and success of our festival. This City wide festival hosts both small and large-scale events involving between 10 and 2000 participants as performers (people taking part), with audiences ranging between 100 and 60,000 (for individual events). Our festivals embrace and celebrate arts and cultural events that take place on the street, in parks, on stages, inside conventional art buildings and in site specific outdoor venues.



Arts engagement projects


The outreach aspect of our work was introduced in 1995 and has developed significantly since then. Local, national and International artists deliver creative workshops within a range of community, cultural and educational contexts that lead to subsequent public performances, presented within our annual festival programme. Our current arts projects facilitate intercultural learning between children, young people and adults from different backgrounds, with a practice that reflects and responds to the diversity of people living in our City, our region and country.



International work


Over a twenty two year period Brouhaha International has built a reputation for developing innovative international work both at home and abroad. This has enabled a range of artists, companies and participants to access and develop international opportunities, through cultural exchanges that have led to the development of new performance work. To date we have created international arts events and cultural festivals in the United Kingdom, Hungary, India, Turkey, Greece, Germany, France, Egypt,Palestine, Martinique and Taiwan with new project being develop for South Africa, Trinidad, Costa Rica and Colombia



Capacity Building Initiatives


Brouhaha International continues to contribute to the development of the arts, and cultural sector through placements, job shadowing, training and other capacity building opportunities that enable young performers, artists and arts organisations to develop their skills, knowledge and experience of cultural management and production.



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