Levi Fearon

Levi Fearon


Communications Officer

This is my first week at Brouhaha, and I know I’m gonna love it here. As a musician myself, working for Brou has got me working closely with so much talent, local, national and internationally. My role as communications officer puts me in direct contact with so many people all over the world, and as stressful as it may sound, it is far from that. Carnival culture is in my blood, as a ‘yout’ I used to climb on the floats along ‘the Ave’ (Princess Avenue) and dance my socks off, and fortunately nothing changed.

About me?..  Not much to say really… I’m Liverpool born and bred, Caribbean background. I’m a Poet, Writer, Rapper, Producer, DJ; I don’t put myself inside any particular box. I enjoy many of aspects of visible, verbal and physical art. I was not named after the jeans, please don’t.

When asked if I needed work, and told there is a job at Brouhaha, I was ready to start immediately. No regrets, looking forward to the rest of the year.

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