Darcie Chazen

I joined Brouhaha last year as a costume maker, with funding from a Trial Blaze funding from Curious Minds. The art of carnival and the entourage that follows, has acted as an enlightenment for me and has assisted my potential to develop as an artist and ongoingly establish my authenticity. I met hundreds of cultures and international talents, that will significantly remain influential and inspiring for years to come, whilst taking the parades to Liverpool, Scotland and preparing for both The Netherlands and Goa carnival.

After Carnival finished for the year, I began a 1 year Diploma in Fine Art’s In September 2015 , with me then receiving an opportunity from Brouhaha to represent them in Cape Town for their 2016 Carnival planning. It was a ‘Hi Darcie, Would you be up for going to Cape Town for two months to work on their carnival?’ And the next week, there I was! I was able to relate to this country entirely, becoming exposed to the disruptive contrast of both pain and beauty.

For the ‘Street Life’ in Cape Town Carnival, I had responsibilities to submit and define design ideas, work with 4 townships, and produce the official scale model for the ‘Township Angel’ float http://capetowncarnival.com/the-event/ I also had the chance to network with Zip Zap circus and Artscape theatre, becoming exposed to the history of Apartheid and how peace would always fall upon the creation of a performance, before imediatley turning back into war when exiting these creative spaces.

Since being home from Cape Town and having the memories to keep me forever passionate, I have moved into the art of performance and will begin a BA in Performance Arts in Royal Central School of Speech and Drama- London, in October 2016. I have also been involved with Global grooves, toured internationally with Katumba Blocko and newly became a member of a new project with Kalentura drums called Broubeat.

Please watch out for my new carnival design ‘Zebra Crossing,’ inspired and in tune with Brouhaha’s ‘Street Life’ theme, in collaboration with Cape Town and Destination Carnival. And of course ENJOY!

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