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Urbanity – In the year 2011 four European partners in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Liverpool and Martinique cooperated in an urban arts exchange. The focus of this work looked at development of a sustainable urban cooperation through an exchange of young people and cultural operators. The  Liverpool stage of the project was a multilatertal exchange involving participants from United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France and Belgium over a period of 11 days of  programmed activity. The project enabled young people from multicultural backgrounds to

  • Create collaborative arts work
  • Explore European citizenship and cultural diversity.
  • Share skills through creative workshops
  • Celebrated the diversity of their personal histories, traditions and cultures through urban arts (dance, music, fashion etc)
  • Improve their skills, knowledge and understanding of working collectively in an intercultural environment.
  • produce a intercultural urban arts event for up to 1000 people (secondary beneficiaries, audiences).

The project hosted a number of intercultural urban arts workshops delivered by professional facilitators and peer led skills sharing sessions. Through these activities the participants created performance work presented to audiences in Liverpool. Throughout the project there were discussions, workshops, ongoing evaluations as well as cultural visits and a social activities.

The collaborative work devised by the young people was a dance piece that was performed in the heart of Liverpool City Centre within the Liverpool One Shopping Centre and at World in Princes Park.


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