Maan Naltiky – Together We Meet

Date: February 27, 2013 Category:

This Youth in Action 3.1  bi-lateral exchange involved participants from United Kingdom and Palestine, delivered in the United Kingdom over an 11 day period. Twenty young people from disadvantaged and culturally diverse backgrounds and 4 arts workers/group leaders explored through intercultural workshops the themes and issues relevant to their backgrounds and interests.

Through workshops and peer group sharing sessions the participants devised new collaborative performance work that was presented to a wider peer audience. Their performance was used to disseminate the results of the project and as a vehicle from which to actively promote the main theme of the project ‘cultural diversity’.The project included evaluation, follow up activities and during the exchange there were opportunities for the participants to learn about the ‘Actions within the Youth Programme’, they also took part in international food evenings, intercultural games and visits to other groups and cultural activities.

The activities within this project included a preparatory meeting and one bi-lateral meeting funded through YIA programme (plus one meeting in Palestine funded through Anna Lindh Foundation insuring that the UK participants had mobility opportunities.  The Palestinian leg of the project saw the young people deliver circus skills and carnival costume making workshops that were showcased in the Yalla Yalla Festival.

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