Carnival Europe 2011

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In 2009 Brouhaha launched its four year carnival arts programme ‘Cultural Conversations’ that will take us to 2012, as we celebrate within the UK Cultural Olympiad. Our theme for 2011 is ‘The Melting Pot’ the myths and realities. Liverpool for centuries has been a city of migration and immigration, with the presence of communities from around the world. In 2011 we will explore and celebrate with young people the myths and realities that surround our multicultural City.
Developing understanding of cultural diversity through intercultural dialogue multi art form projects. A multilateral exchange involving intercultural activities, workshops, peer led activity and local community engagement. This multilateral exchange involves participants from United Knigdom, Norway, Malta, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands and Greece.
Through artistic workshops between international youth arts practitioners and young people from a wide range low income neighbourhoods and minority communities we developed collaborative performance work. Our professional delivery team had the experience and skills of developing outstanding large-scale performance work within community celebrations and carnival events across Europe. The artists working with the young people also had the skills, knowledge and experience of working in varied community contexts. The project supported intercultural learning through creative workshops increasing the participants understanding and acquisition of new skills and competences. Workshops included:

Carnival Costume Design and Construction.
Dance Workshops (Cultural, traditional and contemporary).
Music Workshops (Percussion and brass).
Mask and puppet making.

The parade: Our parade took place in July in the Liverpool area of Toxteth (Liverpool’s most diverse and multicultural neighbourhood) and finished in Princes Park, a venue used and known to many local people. The parade involved 715 costumed young people from a range of local, regional, national and international groups. Together they presented the myths and realities of ‘The Melting Pot’.

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