Carnival Commission: H.A.I.R

Date: February 5, 2014 Category:


Following a successful application to the Heritage Lottery Fund Brouhaha International is looking to commission five large-scale mobile carnival structures or costumes by experienced national or international carnival artists/makers. Our project H.A.I.R (Heritage, Identity, Attitude and Respect) looks at recording the traditions, memories and stories surrounding Black hair styles throughout the Centuries through using the performing arts, carnival arts and digital arts.

H.A.I. R. Black hairstyles are the diverse ways that men and women of color present their hair, with unique hair styles created and developed over centuries that have references to heritage and identity. In addition to this many Black hairstyles have historical connections not only to African cultures but are influenced by social, cultural and political shifts and changes experienced both in national and international context by wider global African Caribbean diasporas.

What we are looking for from these commissions: What we ultimately want is for artists to further explore these ideas and turn them into designs for potential large-scale work.

Timescale: Please note the following dates.

28th February: Deadline for designs or concept ideas to be submitted to Brouhaha.

7th March: Brouhaha International will undertake a selection process in order to agree what commissions will be taken forward into production.

14th March: Brouhaha International will notify artist/makers of the designs that will be taken forwards into production

17th March: Production can start with completed costumes/structures ready by 1st May 2014.

Making spaces: Artist/makers will have the option to crate work in their own workshops/spaces or use Brouhaha International workshop space in Liverpool.

Touring venues: It is anticipated that these costumes will then be presented in local, national and international contexts, with the final presentations with our project heritage partner( National Museums Liverpool) at the Museum of Liverpool in October 2014 accompanied by live performance work and digital films portraying the stories and memories from Liverpool’s Black hair salons and barber shops.

Budget: A budget will be set of up to £4,000 per costume structure. This will include materials, making fee and costs of transporting to Brouhaha in Liverpool. A final budget will be determined by Brouhaha and the individual artists/makers.

Designs: Artists will choose to submit a single design concept for one of the following categories:

  • African Origins
  • Post Emancipation
  • Civil Right Era
  • Roots
  • Contemporary Urban

To Apply: Firstly please call Brouhaha International’s Executive Director Mr Giles Agis on 07957287294 or at the office on 0151 709 3334 for an informal discussion or email  Brouhaha International will then ask you to  send us a declaration of interest and response to the commission which should include:

  • A short written description of your proposed work;
  • Visual designs/concept;
  • Ideas boards and any construction/material suggestions as a response to the brief;
  • Your CV and contact details with a named referee and/or support statements of your previous employment as an artist;
  • Any digital web links to your work.


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