Big Bang

Date: February 27, 2013 Category:

‘The Big Bang’ A multilateral exchange that involved intercultural workshops including music and singing brought together young people from minority backgrounds and culturally diverse communties to explore issues of youth participation and intercultural engagement through collaborative music making. This multilatertal exchange involved young people from culturally diverse communities in UK, France/Martinique, Italy and Portugal looking at their experiences of musical heritage. This project used the arts as the vehicle to explore the priorities of the Youth in Action Programme, Participation and engagement through collaborative music making. Through the different cultural influences that the participants brought to the project, we created a new diverse contemporary European symphony. The young people from culturally diverse and minority backgrounds developed collaborative performance work assisted by professional trainers through arts workshops, peer group sharing sessions, meetings and discussions. The youth arts workers had the skills, knowledge and experience of working in varied community contexts. Arts workshops included ensemble percussion (African, traditional Portuguese, Brazilian and Caribbean) and singing (songs from many different cultural influences and languages) with the results of the workshops presented at Liverpool One Chavesse Park in Liverpool City Centre and at the World in Princes Park. These venues have hosted many youth and cultural events and performances that attracts a large-audience.

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