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By Brouhaha on January 2, 2018 in News

Happy New Year from Brouhaha to the rest of the world. Wishing you all the best for 2018.


here is a small slide show with some of our favourite moments from 2017s Carnival season

  • BROU HA BROU HA HA. 2017
  • 15 - Monica is one of our camera crew and a volunteer from Spain who came back to Liverpool to see the carnival
  • 14 - Never have I ever seen Fabio look so serious. Bombrando doing what they do best outside Liverpool Central Library
  • 13 - Midnight Robber up front and Jab Molassie behind at Granby Markets as a part of our Mas Heritage Project
  • 12 - 3Points keeping it on point at Liverpool Central Library
  • 11 - The Children are the future. LIPA Primary school performing for carnival.
  • 10 - Peps Circus have a game on pile on.
  • 9 - This is the Academy of St. Francis of Assisi. They have a drum group. And they are great!
  • 8 - Bombrando in Formation outside Liverpool Central Library
  • 7 - Carnival Prep. This is what happens behind the scenes in the workshop
  • 6 - Carnival is a reason for everyone to smile, and this smile says it all about carnival
  • 5 - Kalentura, the biggest, baddest, most exciting drum group from Amsterdam
  • 4 - Nigerian Carnival Ireland and many more. Dublin for Nigerian Carnival Ireland was an experience and a half
  • 3 - Everybody All Together at NCI Dublin
  • 2 - Enjoy always make me smile, I Enjoyed Enjoy
  • 1 - Granby Street Market and our Puppets

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